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Obscenity Law in the United States & Great Britain essays

Indecency Law in the United States and Great Britain articles It was until the edification in the eighteenth century in Britain when about all legislatures alongside ground-breaking holy places with scarcely any special cases, blue-penciled words and thoughts considered by them threatening to their incomparability, which means, generally, that words and thoughts were viewed as defiant or impious (Bartlett, 1991). While, in the mid-nineteenth century, United States submitted its general direction to Britain, and began the official concealment of books and thoughts which was not about legislative issues or religion yet had sexuality as its subject that in turn was a political subject, since the objectives were thoughts and data that had compromised overbearing mentalities about ladies' job, social control of sexual conduct and multiplication (Bartlett, 1991). Foulness Laws Formation in the United States Through section of laws against indecency this new structure of official government restriction was accomplished. The mix of three social components created first profanity laws; that are as per the following (Balkin, Victorian-time official profound quality: this specific factor had its worries with the mentalities about ladies' sexual nature or need The subsequent factor was the dread of debasement by analyst stories, books and different acclaimed writing among recently educated common laborers Another factor seen by pioneers of the center and privileged societies was threaten to the foundation of marriage that was encouraging sex for joy instead of reproduction. Along these lines, to standardize and control sexuality, especially anti-conception medication and premature birth data was done by implies this law (Balkin, 1993). These components turned out to be a piece of a bigger political battle while the Victorian period was not all conservative prudery; hypotheses of re... <!

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History of Photography Culture

History of Photography Culture Official Summary Photography is a culture that has been available since the nineteenth century. Notwithstanding, the progression in innovation has extraordinarily changed the way wherein the general public respects photos. During the simple period, photography was utilized to store family memories.Advertising We will compose a custom report test on History of Photography Culture explicitly for you for just $16.05 $11/page Learn More However, in the computerized time, photography is utilized as a methods for individual recognizable proof and correspondence. To elucidate this, this paper concentrated on the speculations, foundation and the discernment that the general public had on both simple and advanced photos. The paper additionally elucidated the effects that interpersonal organizations and advanced control have on computerized photos. This realized a more profound comprehension of the progressions that are being knowledgeable about photography. Presentation Photography can be vie wed as a workmanship just as a science that targets making enduring pictures. Pictures are normally made with the assistance of a focal point that centers the light that is either discharged or reflected by the article into a light delicate material (Hirsch, 1997). During the good 'ol days, a photographic emulsion of the idle picture was made on a film. In any case, this film expected to experience a few concoction forms for the last picture to be shown up at. Be that as it may, with the progression in innovation, photography has created. The nature of present day pictures is better, the way toward making pictures is substantially more powerful and quick. Subsequently, the resultant impacts of photography have changed after some time. Photography can be followed back to the start of the nineteenth century. During the 1820s, Joseph Nicephore, a French designer figured out how to make a photo with the utilization of a camera Obscura (Dijck, 2008). In any case, he obliterated the pictu re that he made while endeavoring to make a copy. In any case, quite a while later, he was fruitful indeed to make a perpetual picture. This denoted the start of current photography. Because of its prosperity and proficiency, this new procedure figured out how to supplant customary strategies for making pictures and pictures, for example, painting and cutting. Photography was fit for catching more subtleties and data when contrasted with conventional strategies for making pictures and portraits.Advertising Looking for report on workmanship and plan? How about we check whether we can support you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The stop ability of a photo along these lines assumed a basic job in deciding the way where the general public respected photos. During the good 'ol days, the general public utilized photography as a methods for putting away recollections. In contrast to their simple partners, computerized photos are anything but difficult to make. Their attribute s permit them to be effectively controlled to satisfy the eye of the client. With these distinctions, the topic of whether the primary reason for a photo is to protect a memory or speak to the character of an individual is consistently inescapable. To respond to this inquiry, this paper will concentrate on the history and advancement of photos. It will look into simple and advanced photos and decide the effects that they have on an individual and to the general public. Photography during the Analog Era Photography initiated during the nineteenth century. In any case, before photography became possibly the most important factor, a few methodologies had been progressed by man to catch pictures. Painting and cutting are maybe one of the principle strategies that man used to speak to himself in a virtual structure. Be that as it may, these gems were not exact. They didn't explicitly speak to the first item or field of view that they really took after. Photos then again were able to do r eally copying and speaking to the specific picture of the item in center. This trademark prompted the advancement of the idea of photographic truth (Hirsch, 1997). A few speculations have been progressed by researchers to clarify the relationship that exists between the picture created from photos and this present reality. A photo consistently speaks to the picture of an item precisely as it showed up. The ability of a picture to have a stop activity that really speaks to reality of a given article at a given time assumed a basic job in expanding the believability of photos and photography on the loose. Along these lines, because of the validity, unwavering quality and authenticity of photography, the improvement of photography was firmly identified with the modern transformation, the logical upheaval and progression in reasoning (Dijck, 2008). During this time, the world was encountering a change that prompted the rise of modernism.Advertising We will compose a custom report test o n History of Photography Culture explicitly for you for just $16.05 $11/page Learn More Thus, to catch the adjustment in culture, industrialization, legislative issues, and science, photography was utilized. Photography has assumed a basic job in introducing the visual portrayal of the improvement of the western world from the Renaissance time frame up to the cutting edge period. During this time, photography was profoundly identified with the first class people of the general public (Dijck, 1995). This included researchers, government officials, shippers, etc. Be that as it may, things went in a new direction during the second 50% of the nineteenth century. George Eastman built up the film as a trade for the simple photographic plated in 1884 (Dijck, 1995). Subsequently, the size of cameras steadily diminished. Creating pictures utilizing the film innovation was moderately simpler and the resultant pictures were of prevalent quality. In particular, the expense related with snapping a picture was diminished. During the start of the twentieth century, Gabriel Lippmann built up the Lippmann plate that was fit for creating shading photos. With this progression in photographic innovation, the idea of photography gradually moved from the world class to everybody inside the general public. With this progression, families depended on photography as a type of innovation that empowered them to store their recollections and encounters in material structure for future reference (Dijck, 2008). Photos were utilized to show the development and advancement of a given family. Before the finish of the nineteenth century, pretty much every family in the United States and Europe has a photograph camera (Mitchell, 1992). This was the fundamental device that families utilized during the twentieth century to show their development, advancement and connectedness. It is inescapable for any family during the second 50% of the twentieth century to come up short on a photograph collecti on. Photograph collections were constantly viewed as a methods through which a family can connect with its recollections and think back. Therefore, photos were basically used to speak to the pictorial legacy of a given family.Advertising Searching for report on workmanship and plan? How about we check whether we can support you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Find out More Thus, during the nineteenth and twentieth century, photos were utilized as a methods for correspondence. During the twentieth century, vacationers took photos of different situations and locales from all around the globe. The photos of the Grand Canyon, the Taj Mahal, Pyramids of Egypt, the Eifel tower, etc are genuine models. These photos not just depict the recollections that the sightseers had while visiting these territories yet it additionally imparts to the watcher the magnificence of the view that they were in. This idea has increased wide application up to the advanced period particularly in promoting (Castells, 2009). Many publicizing efforts use photos to pass their primary message. By review the image, the intended interest group eventually gets the message being passed on. Photography in the Digital Era Technology is dynamic in nature. Consequently, as photos supplanted carvings and works of art as the primary method of portrayal, since the 1980s, advanced photos have sup planted simple photos. Therefore, a great deal of contentions have been introduced for and against this change. In simple photos, the light reflected by the focal point from the item was caught in a compound film that was inside a camera. The film was handled to give the real picture on a simple picture. Along these lines, the last picture would me be able to adjusted or modified in any capacity at all. Computerized pictures then again are made utilizing an alternate method. The pictures are created with the assistance of advanced cameras that convert the light that is reflected from an article into computerized code (Boyd and Ellison, 2007). Not at all like in the simple innovation where the picture was induced on a simple paper, advanced pictures can be construed on an assortment of segments. These incorporate segments, for example, computerized screens of camera, PCs, mobile phones, etc. In spite of the refined innovation behind the formation of computerized pictures, the expense s brought about are negligible. Mechanical headways have made advanced cameras to be decreased in size. Thus, cameras are accessible in many contraptions including mobile phones. Along these lines, dissimilar to during the 1970s where pretty much every home possessed a photograph camera, in the 21st century, pretty much every adolescent and grown-up as his/her own advanced camera. This has extraordinarily expanded the simplicity at which people take photos. Thus, computerized photos are put away in codes. These codes can be deciphered as calculations. Along these lines, any part that can peruse these calculations will have the ability of deciphering the picture that it contains. It is because of this reality that numerous parts are fit for deciphering and showing advanced pictures (Boyd and Ellison, 2007). This capacity empowers the control of advanced pictures. Along these lines, clients have the alternative of adjusting or changing the substance contained in advanced pictures. At last, the calculations have made it workable for advanced pictures to be packed just as b

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Spam Comments Example Which Blog Comments to Approve

Spam Comments Example Which Blog Comments to Approve Last Updated on February 21, 2020Spam comments â€" this is something that WE (blog owners), have to deal with… At first â€" when you’re just starting out you don’t see that as a problem, but as soon as your blog grows â€" you’ll start to receive comments left by bots and automated gets approximately 100 new comments per month, unfortunately 75% of them are spam comments. Disclosure As an independent review site, we get compensated if you purchase through the referral links or coupon codes on this page â€" at no additional cost to you. Dismiss alert Table of Contents Spam comments exampleHow to block spam comments on blogs1. Akismet plugin2. Disabling or limiting blog commentsSpam comment examples and solutions: conclusionSpam comments example Tweet Or this: Do you want to get better rankings on Google? Check my SEO services here: hxxp:// Tweet You might also like: Best blog hosting Those people are only commenting your blog because they want to place their website links on your blog or get some sort of benefit from you.It’s wise to mark them as spam as soon as you see them. However, it’s important that you still check all the comments manually because there may still be real comments that can be very valuable to you and your readers. Comments help to start great discussions and conversations, so this is the reason why you should check them through and always answer to your readers.Comments made by real people are often expressing their opinion and views on the discussed post or topic. They can also be formed as questions. For example: Hey [webmaster], I read your post about blog comments and I was wondering maybe you can suggest me some plugins that automatically block spam on my site? Thanks. Tweet How to block spam comments on blogsUnless you receive over 20 blog comments per day, there is no need to use any special plugins. If you feel that you are tired of deleting those ugly-looki ng comments every other day then download the akismet plugin.There are also other options like deleting the “Website field” from the WordPress comment section, but that requires some basic WordPress coding knowledge. Join the FREE TrainingDo You Want To Learn How To Build 6 Figures Authority Sites?Join This Free Training To...Finally have a proven method to finding profitable nichesGet access to a foolproof keyword research methodLearn how to outsource quality contentLearn how to build white hat links to your site without headaches 1. Akismet pluginfunction url_filtered($fields){if(isset($fields[‘url’]))unset($fields[‘url’]);return $fields;}Spam comment examples and solutions: conclusionThe bigger your audience and traffic grows, the more you’re going to get spammy comments and at one point your quality comments get lost between them. So, there are some things you could do to prevent that. First, install the necessary plugins. Secondly, remove the “Website” fiel d from the comments section and a lot of spammers won’t bother you anymore. This is how I’ve survived and managed to handle the spam stream.I’ve done quite a lot of research on that topic and Disqus seems to be another good commenting platform for blogs and websites. Some old school guys only optimize WordPress settings and they say they have managed to keep their blogs free of spam comments. I’m probably going to write a post about that in the near future.Update June 2019: I’m now using the WordPress plugin named Anti-spam cleantalk. I have to say that I’m pretty much blown away by this. It works brilliantly and 98% of the spam comments get automatically blocked. It costs $8 per year, but you don’t need to spend hours to moderate spam comments out of real comments. They also run a free trial of 14 days so I highly suggest you give it a try.Let me know which tactics you use and what are the best anti-spam strategies for you and your blog. Blog analytics Facebo ok blog page

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Plagiarism in Research Writing Essay - 1052 Words

Plagiarism comes about when a person uses words or ideas from another person’s work but fails to credit the source of the ideas or words. Scholarly work of any nature mainly requires the writing of dissertations, treatises or term papers in the world of academia. Students in institutions of higher learning, as part of the course work, carry out research and present their results in the form of dissertations or term papers. The assignments’ formatting usually follows standards namely the American Psychologists Association (APA) format or the Modern Language Association (MLA) format. Plagiarism cannot not only be committed in writing research for academic purposes only, but can also be committed in areas of general writing such as in†¦show more content†¦She further points that some students also use the services of others who do for them their assignments or papers. (â€Å"What is Plagiarism?† par. 3) It is evident from the example that mere use of any i nformation downloaded from a website and presented without any alterations without citing the reference source is outright theft of another person’s work. Many websites online offer research writing services but one should be cautious while using them. Reference sources play a big part in research writing. They offer ideas or works done by other people, which may be useful in building upon newer ideas. They also provide a basis of providing evidence to one’s arguments in argumentative research writing. A writer who uses information from these sources should consider the input the source’s author has put into creating the work. This is where citation of the author in any use of part of the work comes in. Lack of citation is what amounts to plagiarism. This is noticeable when a writer fails to place any in-line text citations or reference sources in their work. Citing the reference source of an idea is important since it gives readers the source to consult and eve n read further on the topic. The site points out how a writer can inadvertently commit plagiarism whereby the writer fails to quote any copied text to the act of placing wrong citations of reference sources (, â€Å"What isShow MoreRelatedPreventing Plagiarism When Writing A Research Paper980 Words   |  4 PagesPREVENTING PLAGIARISM WHEN WRITING In a research paper, you have to come up with your own original ideas while at the same time making reference to work that s already been done by others. But how can you tell where their ideas end and your own begin? What s the proper way to integrate sources in your paper? If you change some of what an author said, do you still have to cite that author? Confusion about the answers to these questions often leads to plagiarism. If you have similar questions orRead MoreFree Papers1007 Words   |  5 PagesIf you are looking for free academic papers such as free essays, free term papers, free research papers, free dissertations, free book reports/book reviews, free essays, free speeches, there exists a chance of being accused of plagiarism. Free papers downloaded from essay databases and essay sites can be easily detected by plagiarism detection systems and sofwares. You can find a lot of resources and sites with databases of free sample papers and free example papers on any topic. You can use theseRead MoreFree Papers992 Words   |  4 PagesIf you are looking for free academic papers such as free essays, free term papers, free research papers, free dissertations, free book reports/book reviews, free essays, free speeches, there exists a chance of being accused of plagiarism. Free papers downloaded from essay databases and essay site s can be easily detected by plagiarism detection systems and sofwares. You can find a lot of resources and sites with databases of free sample papers and free example papers on any topic. You can use theseRead More The Problems of Plagiarism Essay1199 Words   |  5 PagesPlagiarism is an academic misconduct in which students use someone’s ideas or information in their work without proper referencing. While western culture insists that sources of words, ideas, images, sounds be documented for academic purposes, â€Å"plagiarism is now recognized as a serious problem especially in university where students are just copying words from web sites or someone else’s work† (The Owl At Purdue, 2007 ). According to East (2006, p.16), â€Å"many Australian universities are now developingRead More21st Century Cavemen : Technology1275 Words   |  6 PagesCavemen: Technology’s addition to plagiarism University is all about being studious and working through many late nights with the latest technology, in order to get the best grade. Unfortunately, the pressure to succeed can cause students to plagiarize. Which, can then lead to a zero on a term paper or a degree revocation. The consequences are harsh, but the crime fits the punishment and plagiarism is a serious academic offense. By taking a closer look at what plagiarism is and technology’s role inRead MoreThe Effects Of Plagiarism1143 Words   |  5 PagesPlagiarism hinders intellectual advancement. The problems of plagiarism have been discussed for hundreds of years. With technologies, plagiarism becomes a fairly common practice in recent years. Plagiarism is actually recognized as a dishonest act from the 18th century when the original literature takes on more value within society. Readers want to read new creations of ideas and words from writers instead of seeing them polish the writings that have already been emitted. Writers are able at thisRead MoreWhy Plagiarism Is Be Unethical And Immoral919 Words   |  4 PagesHow to Avoid Plagiarism in Professional Writing Professional writing demonstrates critical and creative thinking based on knowledge experience and research. When conducting professional writing it is important to avoid plagiarism at all cost. All schools have a plagiarism policy. For Union University in specific, plagiarism is listed under their Academic Integrity page and it states that not knowing is not an excuse. Plagiarism is considered to be unethical and immoral regardless of who commitsRead MorePlagiarism: These Words Are Not Yours. Eddie N Hudson,1341 Words   |  6 Pages Plagiarism: These Words Are Not Yours Eddie N Hudson, Jr. Augusta University Abstract Plagiarism is a word that is introduced as early as elementary school. Students are encouraged when writing research papers to use their own words. The rough draft is marked with the stains of red ink and a comment saying â€Å"these words are not yours.† This paper will give you a definition and different types of plagiarism. You will also be provided with steps to prevent plagiarism. CitationsRead MoreEssay on How to Avoid Plagiarism1228 Words   |  5 PagesAvoid Plagiarism Plagiarism is a growing problem in universities (Matheson Starr 2013) and becoming too common in the scientific world (Ober et al. 2012). Hence it is important for students as well as researchers to know how to avoid plagiarism. Before discussing the ways to avoid plagiarism, this paper discusses the definition, the types and reasons for plagiarism. â€Å"Copying’ or â€Å"borrowing† someone else’s words or ideas may perhaps be the more inoffensive way of explaining plagiarism. HoweverRead MoreEssay on Plagiarism1301 Words   |  6 Pagesat Clarion University plagiarism is â€Å"the use of anothers words without attribution and without enclosing the words in quotation marks. Plagiarism may also be defined as the act of taking the ideas or expressions of ideas of another person and representing them as ones own--even if the original paper has been paraphrased or otherwise modified.† (â€Å"Department of Nursing† ) A lot of people, including myself have been confused of what plagiarism really means. Through my research I found that there are

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Ethical Decision Making of a Nurse Essay - 2915 Words

Nurses are face with numerous ethical dilemmas each day and if theses ethical situation are not handled in a professional and ethical manner there can be severe consequences for both the nurse and the patient. When nurses are face with theses ethical dilemmas, they have a decision to make. Therefore, what does the nurse do when decision-making involves ethical dilemmas? So, has a nursing student, I have chosen to put myself in the role of a health care provider such as a nurse. It was my first day of clinical rotation and the client that I was assigned to, was due for a bath. I was not comfortable giving the patient a bath a lone, so I ask for assistance from one of my colleagues. The client was a male who was shy and soft spoken.†¦show more content†¦The principle of autonomy states; â€Å"individuals have the right to make choices about their own lives† (Kozier et al, 2010.p.79). In health care, this means health care providers must honour the person’s right to choose methods or approaches to diagnosis or treatment (Kozier et al, 2010). Moreover, by not giving the client, the right to make her own decision this could cause anxiety and physiological effect to both parties. Which disregard the World Health Organization (WHO), definition of quality end of life care as the active total care of patients whose disease is not responsive to curative treatment (Sepà ºlveda, Marlin, Yoshida, Ullrich, 2002). This definition includes meeting the psychological, social, and spiritual needs for both patients and families (Sepà ºlveda et al, 2002). In addition, the nurse did not put the beneficence principle in action, which â€Å"is the obligation to do good† (Kozier et al, 2010, p.80). Nurses have a duty to implement actions that benefit their client’s best interest (Kozier et al, 2010). It lays the groundwork for trust that society places in nursing professional, and provides nursing’s context and justification ( Burkhardt Nathaniel, 2002). This principle seems straight forward, but it is actually very complex. Should we determine what is good- by subjective, or by objective, means? So, when people disagree about what is good, whose opinion counts? In this case, the client, and not the family because she has theShow MoreRelatedEthical Decision Making Essay638 Words   |  3 Pageshave led to new and increased awareness of the ethical dimension of nursing and its impact on the delivery of high-quality care (Coverston Rogers, 2000). In their daily practice, nurses are constantly confronted with decision-making that is ethical in nature. An ethical dilemma is a situation wherein moral precepts or ethical obligations conflict in such a way that any possible resolution to the dilemma is morally intolerable. In other words, an ethical dilemma is any situation in which guiding moralRead MoreEthical Decision Making Case Analysis Essay983 Words   |  4 PagesEthical Decision-Making Case Study . Moral issues are those that arouse conscience, are concerned with important values and norms. The use of a tool such as the Ethical Decision-Making Algorithm in appendix A, can help the nurse resolve an ethical dilemma more efficiently and competently. Furthermore, the use of a nursing codes of ethics, which are formal statements standard for professional actions can help guild a nurses decisions. Nurses have multiple obligations to balance in moral situationRead MoreLegal an Ethical Issues in Nursing Essay872 Words   |  4 PagesTitle: Ethical and Legal issues in Nursing paper Student Name: Aleyamma John, RN Course Name/Number: NUR/391 Due Date: Mar 21, 2011 Instructor Name: Dolores Martinez Nurses are facing many legal or ethical dilemmas in their career. Nurses should combine knowledge of ethical and legal aspects of health care and professional values into nursing practice. It is very essential to know what kind of dilemmas nurses may face during their profession and how they have been dealt with in theRead MoreEthical Principles Of Nursing Practice974 Words   |  4 Pages When ethics in nursing in respect to decision making is looked upon, various key areas are taken into consideration. These key areas include the nursing values, the standards, subject ethical principles and finally the fundamental beliefs in nursing. When a reflection is made on the on the key mentioned areas, it is presumed that each of them is mainly aimed at protecting human dignity and restoring respect to patients (Bush 2007). Ethical values in nursing When looking at nursing values in regardRead MoreApplying Ethical Frameworks in Practice - 1 Essay1237 Words   |  5 PagesRunning head: ETHICAL FRAMEWORKS IN PRACTICE Applying Ethical Frameworks in Practice Grand Canyon University NRS 437 V May 9, 2012 Applying Ethical Frameworks in Practice Patient confidentiality is part of the Nursing Code of Ethics and it is a nurses’ duty to uphold confidentiality of patient information (American Nurses Association, 2012). However, there are certain situations in which a confidentiality breach is acceptable, such as when a patient voices harm to themselvesRead MoreApplying Ethical Framework in Practice Essay1161 Words   |  5 PagesThe ethical principle of confidentiality demands nondisclosure of private or secret information about another person with which one is entrusted. In hospital settings, nurses have the responsibility to maintain patient’s private information confidential and sharing only those information that are necessary to provide patient care. According to the ICN Code of Ethics for Nurses (2006), â€Å"The nurse holds in confidence personal information and uses judgment in sharing this information.† MaintainingRead MorePatient Confidentiality Essay926 Words   |  4 Pagesï » ¿Patient Confidentiality: Ethical Implications to Nursing Practice Patient Confidentiality: Ethical Implications to Nursing Practice Patient confidentiality is a fundamental practice in healthcare and it is integral part of healthcare ethical standards (Purtilo Dougherty, 2010). According to the American Nurses Association (ANA) code of ethics â€Å"the nurse has a duty to maintain confidentiality of all patient information† (Nursing world, p.6). Also, when a patient confidentialityRead MoreProfessional And Personal Application Statement1580 Words   |  7 Pagesan advanced practice nurse requires more than simply gaining more education or demonstrating leadership abilities beyond that of a traditional registered nurse. Instead, the role of an advanced practice nurse requires an understanding and appreciation of the ethical challenges and issues that will be faced, as well as communicating the importance of ethics to other nursing professionals (Jormsri et al., 2005). In order to be prepared to handle the task of addressing ethical issues, both on a personalRead MoreEthical Decisions. Ethical Dilemmas Are A Common Incidence984 Words   |  4 PagesEthical Decisions Ethical dilemmas are a common incidence in the nursing practice. Many ethical dilemmas can arise in medical settings because of the conflict between patients, patient’s family, and institutions (Black, 2017). Since there are so many situations that are caused within the clinical settings, nurses have to think and make right decisions for patients to be safe by following the Code of Ethics. When nurses need to decide for the medical dilemmas, they have to think what values theyRead MoreEthical Decision Making : The Sad Formula, And Nash s 12 Questions1205 Words   |  5 Pages It is important to not only reflect how we make ethical decisions to better understand our personal approach, but also incorporate a systematic approach that fits our code of ethics and guide us in solving ethical conundrums. Specific actionable steps should be taken and incorporated into our ethical decision making. Four psychological sub-processes affecting our ethical action include (a) moral sensitivity, (b) moral judgment, (c) moral focus, and (d) moral character. The following paper will address

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Alice Walker Essay Example For Students

Alice Walker Essay My Daughter Smokes Essay My daughter smokes is about Ms. Walker daughter smoking. She relates her smoking to how her father and grandfather used to smoke as well. In fact the brand of cigarettes that her daughter smokes is in fact the same brand that her father and grandfather used to smoke. She describes the horrific story about her father addiction to cigarettes. She goes on to tell us hoe cigarettes changed him; physically and emotionally. Ms. Walker father gained weight, looked as though he was poor, and ad a discolorations to his skin. After a while, he started developing a cough. He was getting weaker and weaker by the day to the point where couldnt barely move anymore. Eventually her father died due to the addiction. Ms. Alice tries to attempt to talk to her daughter about the outcome of smoking and how addicting it is. She told the story about her father addiction and hoe it changed him and how he died from the addiction. As an attempt to get through her daughter, she told the story about how she used to smoke. Ms. Her hair it stand straight up like hair the wool on a sheep(Walker 283). Dee greets her family with a Swahili good morning. Her companion offers a Muslim greeting and tries to show Maggie a ceremonial handshake that she does not understand. Dee mother tried to start a conversation with Dee by calling her name. Dee explain that shes change her name to Wangero Leewanika Kemanjo, because I couldnt bear it any longer, being named after the people who oppress me(Walker 283). Wangero mother attempted to explain to her how far back her name go into the family history. Dee had been embarrass of her mothers house and possessions when she was younger (the mother believe she was happy when the old house burn down), but now she seem to be happy with the old way of life. With her newfound joy with her cultural heritage, she takes photographs of the house, including her mom, sister, and a wandering cow. Dee, while eating, remembered she wanted to ask her mother if she could have the butter churn top whittled by her Uncle Buddy, do she may use it as a centerpiece for her table. Dee, after getting the churn top, she then ask for the dasher. Now her attention turns to a trunk at the foot of her mothers bed. After she goes through the trunk, she returns with two quilts. The quilts become symbolic of the storys theme; in a sense, they represent the past of the women in the family(Master Plots 733). Dee asks if she can have the quilts. Maggie in disbelief that Dee asked for the quilts slammed the kitchen door. The mother offers some other quilts that were in the trunk to her, she refused because the quilts because they were made with a machine. Then she tells Dee that she had promised the quilts to Maggie a wedding present. Dee tells her mother that Maggie would not appreciate the quilts and that she would use them in everyday use.. Dees mother says she hope Maggie would use the quilts. The two sisters values concerning the quilt represent the two meaning approaches to art appreciation in our society. Art can be valued for financial and aesthetic reasons, or it can be valued for personal and emotional reasons